Monday, 1 August 2011

Lawrencefield Quarry

 As you approach Hathersage from Sheffield, is a little gritstone surprise hidden from view and not far from the well named Surprise View.

  Lawrencefield Quarry is part of Bole Hole quarry. Bole Hole Quarry is responsible for creating a mini population boom in the area as the mining "shanty" town of Grindleford became a home for many hoping to make money from the sale and production of grit millstones.

  The millstone industry came to a sudden halt leaving many quarries abandoned. Many of the signature peak millstones lay wayward by the paths that approach Lawrencefield from Grindleford, forgotten remnants of a once booming industry.

  All was not at a loss though because when the time came to build the Howden and Derwent Dams, the silica and feldspar composition of the millstone grit at Bole Hill had the advantage of hardening after weathering and thus was chosen by masons to be the material of choice.

  I mention the above because Bole Hole Quarry covered Padley Gorge, Yarncliff but most importantly our topic for the day, Lawrencefield.
View from the top of Great harry

  Climbing here is great fun, and it can be perfect hideout from the crowds.  To approach park at Millstone Car park just before Surprise View, cross the road and follow the path until you see the kissing gate and head down hill. An easy approach. Perfect for hot days thanks to the shelter, provided to you by Oakley Forest.

 One warning though the ants are big and the pond provides for the MIDGES!! Yep thats right I said pool. there is a little pool here, famous for swallowing up gear and stories of people plunging forth and skinny dipping to retrieve gear. (Dipping not recommended.)  On the plus side there is little wind for those cold days and easy shade for the hot.

 There is more than a handful of classic routes here, The jam-tastic Great harry VS 4C, the bold Once Pegged Wall(direct) HVS 5B or the easy Three Tree Climb HS 4b, all really good climbs, or if your feeling exceptionally bold then head out onto Suspense E2 5c.

 Another good picnic venue and a good crag to head seasonally. Just be aware of the insects and sheep this is their house.

Crag Summary

 Well sheltered and quiet with plenty of varied climbing to keep you busy, from slabs to cracks to corner jams. A very close and easy approach(with an ice cream van in the car park). Approachable on foot via either Hathersage or Grindleford. Can be quieter than Millstone and definitely more so than Stanage.


 Midges in late season and ants, BIG posturing ants. Can get hot on the back wall and gear can get lost above the pool.

& a few Pics

Shaking out , jamming up then pulling through the crux on Great Harry VS 4c.

Roadside bay, wet!

The pool in winter rain

the cracks of Once Pegged Wall

LawrenceField Quarry in winter

Nailsbane  HVD

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