Thursday, 30 June 2011

Hello RockBlog readers

Hi to all that view this in future.

  I'm new to blogging, but wish to share my thoughts and experiences with climbers around the United Kingdom and even the world.

  I've been rock climbing for a few years now, I find the activity invigorating and enlightening. I'm sure most climbers would agree when I say that to climb is to live. It brings to life everything one needs from social encounters on the rock and indoors to physical and mental strength. I love climbing and those I do it with, so much that the term fanatic would not be to far fetch to brand myself a fanatic.

  Climbing takes us to locations that are just astonishing and although most of my time is spent at work the end goal is to get out there, on the rock.

  I intend in my free time to list reviews of Gear, Crags and DVD's as well as climbing tips and training advice, most of which will be first hand as I am currently training to make the move from Leading VS  to HVS Trad consistently outdoors and leading F6b+ on an indoor wall. In the mean time I am currently training with a repetitive strain injury on my A3 Pulley.

Till my next blog Rock On.

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